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New Stick Stud Earrings

New Stick Stud Earrings

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Searching for your everyday go-to stud? Look no further than the Stick Earring – a perfectly modern option that you'll never want to take out. Versatile and stylish, it effortlessly complements any look, making it an essential addition to your daily accessories.

Handcrafted by woman in Nashville, Tennessee
Color: 14k Gold Filled
Size: 10mm long round bar with post

Our jewelry is skillfully crafted by hand. Created for woman, by woman in Nashville, TN.

Your purchase empowers woman. Feel good in what you're wearing and about what you're wearing. In an industry that has become (in) famous for poor working conditions, ABLE is different. We've seen firsthand how your purchases have helped to create high-quality jobs, living wages and safe working conditions especially for woman.

What is the difference between Gold Plated and Gold Filled? Both gold-plated and gold-filled jewelry feature a base metal that’s coated in gold—but it’s the thickness of the coating and the process that sets them apart. A filled piece is created by melting at least 5% gold by weight onto the base metal, whereas a gold-plated piece will typically contain much less, and possibly tarnish or wear away faster.

Slight variations add to the uniqueness of each piece.

*14k gold posts are naturally soft due to the nature of the natural metal content (just bend 'em back into shape if they get out of whack)

Care // Over time jewelry can tarnish/oxidize due to the reaction of the metal with elements in the air and water, as well as oils in our skin. It's best to avoid exposing your jewelry to humidity (showers, baths, hot tubs, etc), hair spray and perfume. To get a brighter shine, tarnish can usually be removed with a jewelry cloth.


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